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Men's Golf Association


Men’s Golf Association in Powhatan, VA

The Mill Quarter Men's Golf Association in Powhatan, VA, (MQGA) holds golf tournaments each month and invites you to join them at our public golf course. Membership is $100 yearly ($80 for seniors over 65) payable before March 1st of each year. See the tournament schedule below for a listing of MQGA events.

Our Men's Golf Association conducts monthly golf tournaments in addition to providing the Ghin Handicap System through the VSGA as a way of posting scores and maintaining up-to-date handicaps. The Pro Shop also provides a $4 discount to green fees and allows walking on weekends for full Association Members. The Pro Shop also offers a discount of 10% off for equipment and most merchandise purchased in the shop. The Association also maintains a hole-in-one pot for a hole-in-one made in an Association tournament.

As you can see from the attached tournament schedule, we have a very nice schedule of events in which all members can compete for either gross or handicap prizes and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of playing with fellow Association members. Also, beer and soft drinks are always provided. If you have any questions about our Association, please email me or talk to the staff at Mill Quarter Golf Course.

To become a member, please print and mail this PDF application form.

Association Benefits

  • $4.00 Discount off Mill Quarter Green Fees (Sat-Sun-Holidays Only). No Twilight Discount.
  • Merchandise Discounts--10% off Pro Shop Merchandise
  • Organized Tournaments Each Month
  • USGA Sanctioned Computerized Handicap System
  • Association Newsletter Every Other Month
  • Eligibility for VSGA and RGA Events
  • Receive VSGA Newsletter and Information via Email
  • Receive VSGA Virginia Golfer Magazine
  • Allows Members to Walk Anytime
2019 Tournament Schedule
1/19 TBD-Open to Anyone 10:00 AM
2/16 TBD-Open to Anyone 10:00 AM
3/16 Lakeside Qualifier 9:00 AM
4/20 Lakeside Qualifier-2 Man Best Ball 9:00 AM
5/18 Ryder Cup 12:00 PM
6/15-16 Member-Guest-2 Man Best Ball 9:00 AM
7/20 TBD 9:00 AM
8/17-18 Club Championship Tee Assignments
9/8 MQ Cup 9:00 AM (Sunday)
9/21 TBD 9:00 AM
9/28-9/29 Hollows 9:00 AM (Sunday-MQ)
10/19 TBD 10:00 AM
11/16 TBD 10:00 AM
12/21 TBD                                                                                                                                                                        
Thanks to everyone who competed in our 2019 Club Championships.

We had 53 players compete during our two day tournament.

Thanks to all the folks who helped with the tournament and thanks to Dave
for providing an additional $200 in gift certificates.

All unclaimed prizes can be collected at the clubhouse.


Championship Flight            
Hare, Brian                 147    1st    Club Champion
Towler, Matthew         148    2nd    
Gerow, Craig              153    3rd (moc)    
Roe, Jason                 153        
Jones, Matt                 153        
Mangnuson, Erik         154        
Hosier, Scott                156        
Autry, Louis                  159        
Estep, Larry                  159        
Carson, Kent                 161        
First Flight-HDCP            

Espinoza, Pascual       140    1st    
Davis Sr, Mark "Ace"   143    2nd    
Moody, J T                   144    3rd    
Leech, Chris                 146        
Myers, Kenneth            154        
Second Flight-HDCP            

Childress Jr., Eric          147    1st    
Anonick, Tim                 155    2nd    
White, Chris                  159    3rd    
Abel, Anthony                161        
Third Flight            

Allen, Steve                   154    1st    
Griffith, Erik                   161    2nd    
Moore, Bobby W           169    3rd    
Holmes, Doug               171        
Rini, Michael                 191        

SR Club Championship            
Pleasants, David          149    1st    SR Club Champion
Efird, Bob                     151    2nd    
Coates, Joe                  152    3rd    
Miller, Gary M               155        
Hunter, Ed                     158        
Lesniak, Robert             167        
First Fligh-SR HDCP            
Cohen, Frank Donald    143    1st(moc)    
Limbo, Keith                  143    2nd    
Thomas, Steve              145    3rd    
Wilson, Russell              146        
Childress, Eric Lee        146        
Hazelgrove, Bo              147        
Vassar, Brad                  148        
Hoover, Fred                  151        
Second Flight-SR HDCP            
Williams, Irvin                143    1st    
Lambert, Ed                   148    2nd    
Atkinson, David             150    3rd    
White, Ray                     151        
Rubis, Dr. Earl James    151        
Wood, Tim                      151        
Bisbee, Ron-Bingo          161        
Third Flight-SR HDCP            
Robbins, Ray              154    1st    
Deems, Steve             156    2nd    
Weiler, Paul                157    3rd    
Jaggard, Bruce           158        
Ward, Chet                 165        
Hawkes, Rick             165        

Sat CTP #4              Bo H
Sat CTP #8              Bob E
Sat CTP #13            Frank C
Sat CTP #16            Eric Jr
Sun CTP #4             David P
Sun CTP #8            Tim A
Sun CTP #13          Pascual P
Sun CTP #16          Matt J
Sat LD #12 Reg     Chris W
Sat LD #6 Sen       Paul W
Sun LD # 9 Reg    Chris W
Sun LD # 18 Sen   David P/Paul W
 Saturday Cuts     
Joe C #12            $78.00 
 Craig G #15         $78.00 
 Bob E #18            $78.00 

 Sunday Cuts     
 Bob Efird #12      $120.00 
 Matt Joes #16     $120.00 

Chet Ward            $175.00 

The MQ CUP results will be sent later this week