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Public Golf Facility in Powhatan, VA

A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work. That’s especially true if the course is at Mill Quarter Plantation Golf Club. This Edmund Ault-designed layout provides just the right mix of holes which will challenge the experienced golfer while at the same time offer fun to the beginner. This public golf facility in Powhatan, VA, is nestled in a beautiful locale where the rolling countryside defines the geography of the course itself.

Mr. Ault selected the plushest acreage from the old Randolph Plantation to create an 18-hole course which incorporates tall pines, restful meadows, and lazy rural ponds in a historic Southern vista.

Front Nine Highlights

Rent a golf cart and start your round from the whites with a 354-yard par-4 off the first tee. It’s a beautiful starting hole that requires you to clear a ridge to set yourself up for a good second shot. Don’t go left or long though, as water and bunkers are waiting to snare the errant approach shot.

A lot of players find trouble on number 7. It’s a 410-yard par-4 which doesn’t look too tough on the card, but then again, you don’t play golf on the card. Most hitters need a long drive off the tee followed up with a long iron shot. But beware of the “jail” of trees left of the tee box.

Back Nine Notables

Following the clubhouse turn, start the back nine with the second toughest hole on this public golf course to get your mind back in the game. Number 10 is a par-4 417-yard slight dogleg left that will reward you if you are long off the tee.

You get a break with number 11 which is a favorite hole of members and guests alike. If you’re a righty with a slice, this hole is going to play nicely for you. An elongated green provides a fun finish.

End the day by going for birdie on number 18, which is a par-4 402-yard hole. Lay up on the left and come at the green with a shot which clears the bunkers standing guard in front.


Blue: yards 6943, rating 73.4, slope 134
White: yards 6548, rating 71.4, slope 133
Gold: yards 6114, rating 68.8, slope 126
Red: yards 4883, rating 64.3/69.1, slope 116/120

Once you’ve signed your scorecard and put the clubs away for the day, you’ll realize that yes, any day at a public golf facility is better than any day on the job. And that’s true no matter what you shot.

Contact us to learn more about our course. We proudly welcome golfers to our facility in Powhatan, VA.

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